Two Ball Bearing Hospital Tip Butt Hinge

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SPX 2BB5191

  • - Hinges manufactured in accordance with ANSI/BHMA A156.1
  • - All hinges with five knuckle two ball bearing with non-rising pins with Hospital Tip and plug.
  • - All hinges have template screw hole location for use on either wood or hollow metal doors and frames.
  • - Pins in non-ferrous hinges are stainless steel.
  • - Dimension & tolerances conform to ANSI - A156.7.
  • - Full Mortise, Square Corner, Standard weight template hinge.
  • - Screw packages - All Machine Screws (AMS) - Phillips (#3) flat-head and half wood screws - (1/2WS) - Phillips (#3) flat-head.
  • - Approved for use on all types of fire doors up to 3 hours to maintain the integrity of fire rated openings and walls. Refer to NFPA80.
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